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Power Drive

Powerdrive is now widely recognised as a leading brand of power transmission components.

Power Drive is one of the leading manufacturers of drive chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, gears and sprockets. Producing over 30 million metres of finished chain per year, Power Drive chain has been sold in the UK for over 20 years under well known brand names, however, since 2010 the chain is now available directly in the UK.

Power Drive is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of drive chains, leaf chains, conveyor chains, gears and sprockets. Power Drive has the widest product range in this sector with over 10,000 specifications. They design, manufacture and assemble all the component parts in their chain enabling them to guarantee the same high standard from start to finish. Their focus is delivering consistently high technical quality, logistical dependability and strong customer service - in short, ensuring our customers are both satisfied and successful.

Power Drive has internationally recognised quality certificates from ISO 9001:2000 QM certification through ISO 14001 (which documents the sustainability and environmental compatibility of production and waste disposal processes) to the ISO/TS 16949 quality requirements for the automotive industry. Other specialist certificates from the American Petroleum Institute, the Certificate of Conformity for Measurement Management Systems and the Export Inspection Certificate prove that Power Drive are more than capable of satisfying the quality benchmarks laid down by the industry. Power Drive only has one standard. The Best.

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