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O Rings

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O Rings are available in both metric and imperial sizing at Bearing King. We stock and supply O-Rings in British Standard Sizing and Metric Section Sizing, with the O Rings also being available in Nitrile, EPDM or Viton material.

O Rings are produced from a wide selection of elastomeric materials, including NBR, Viton, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene and Polyurethane o rings. These are some of the common materials stocked and supplied by Bearing King

An o ring serves as a barrier, preventing the leak paths between the sealing surfaces. O Rings offer several advantages over other sealing systems with its simplicity of construction, standardised seal dimensions, wide selection of materials and suitability for both static and dynamic applications. The most important sealing characteristic of an o ring is its resistance to compression set or residual deformation.

The design of an o ring application is based upon the available technical data and the experience of the specification writer with regard to dimensions and material characteristics within a specific environment or application. O Ring glands or grooves are normally cylindrical with flat and parallel faces.

In high pressure applications back up rings are used to prevent the extrusion of the elastomeric material through the clearance gaps when close tolerances are difficult to maintain.

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