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Bearing King Belts V & Wedge Belts A/B/C/D/Z Section

V & Wedge Belts A/B/C/D/Z Section

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V-belts are to be used when synchronisation or timing is not required, V-belts make an excellent low-cost, quiet and efficient means of transmitting power.

V Belts commonly known as Wrapped Classical Belts are the first of V Belts to enter the power transmission scenario. The continued efforts of research and development enabled PIX to achieve the power ratings considerably higher than most of the belts with the same construction available in the market. The ingredients used in the compound are selectively chosen to match the required power ratings thus offering distinct advantages in terms of increased power ratings and increased power of safety on critical drives.

Application: They are primarily used in industrial drives. Classical Belts are recommended in special applications such as V-flat drives. These belts are advantageous where reverse idlers have to be used, because of the smaller thickness.

Wedge Belts have been the result of a continuous thrust by the manufacturers and users on higher power transmissions with reduced space requirements. Wedge Belts can transmit higher power than the classical belts with the same top width. This has been achieved by dimensional changes, apart from better cord construction and the optimum placement of cord line, which provides excellent support to the belt while in motion.

A pre-stretched cord is used in building of these belts, resulting into low stretch, When the belts are put into use, which also helps in reducing the minimum installation and take-up allowance significantly.

For efficient performance of the wedge belt drive it is essential that a proper tension be maintained, failure to maintain the same will render the purpose of wedge belts ineffective.

Application: Wedge Belts are commonly used because of the space savings achieved by using these belts. They are used extensively in most of the industrial applications ranging from light duty application drive to heavy load applications such as crusher drives.

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