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Bearing King Articles V Belt Do's and Don'ts

V Belt Do's and Don'ts

V Belt Do's and Don'tsA quick guide on v belt do's and don'ts

1. Ensure perfect alignment of pulleys

Pulley alignment
2. The grooves should be free from burrs, Sharp edges, rust, oil and grease. The guard should be provided to prevent this.

Pulley covers

3. Belts used in a multiple drive should be of same manufacturer.

Multiple drive one

4. For multiple drive, use as many V Belts required for better service life and low maintenance cost. For best results one should use matching set belts. The whole set should be replaced if one belt fails. Belts should not be lubricated.

Multiple drive two

5. A change in ride out indicates uneven belt wear or worn sheaves. Change belt/sheave with new set.

Belt sheave

6. Pulley should be checked whether it is manufactured as per international standards or not, and should also be checked for worn out sheaves. Bearings should also be checked for lubrication.

Belt sheaves

7. Do not pry or roll v belts into the pulley grooves, if done so, the belts get damaged internally as a result of which belt life is affected. Use drive take-up and installation allowances to enable the belts easily mounted on the pulleys.

Levering belts on 

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