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Bearing King Power Transmission Couplings


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Here at Bearing King we offer all types of couplings including HRC couplings, Tyreflex couplings and Jaw couplings

HRC units offer a simple, effective, low-cost solution where a flexible or semi-elastic solution is required. They allow for incidental misalignment (typically up to 1deg), absorb shock loads, and dampen small amplitude vibrations. The coupling consists of two flanges, each with three interlocking "dogs", which are separated by a nitrile rubber element. The couplings are most commonly supplied with taper bush fixing, but are also stocked with solid flanges, for machining to a defined bore. The flanges can be supplied to take the taper bush mounting into the face of the flange 'F', or into the flange hub 'H'.

The Tyreflex coupling is usually used in more demanding conditions than the DRC. It is a torsionally elastic coupling which is capable of accommodating angular misalignment up to 4deg; as well as high levels of parallel misalignment and end float. Being a torsionally soft coupling, it is able to protect against vibration, impact loads and heavy shocks; it also reacts to sudden changes in loading. The coupling consists of two flanges, connected by a natural rubber "tyre". The "tyre" is locked to each flange by a bolted clamping system. As with DRC, Tyreflex couplings are most commonly supplied with taper bush fixing, but solid flanges are also stocked for those wishing to machine the bore. Also similar to DRC, the flanges are available in either face-mount form 'F', or hub-mount form 'H'. FRAS Tyres are also available – the chloroprene compound used for these takes the upper working temperature limit from 50 degrees celcius to 70 degrees celcius.

Jaw Couplings offer a low cost, flexible solution for most applications. Jaw Couplings absorb incidental misalignment, shock loads and small amplitude vibrations. Various elastometric element materials. Some torsional resilience and flexibility, ease of alignment using straight edge and machined outside diameters. Fail-Safe shaft connection due to interacting dog design. Jaw Coupling Design powers to 475kW at 1440 rpm.

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