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Bearing King Loctite Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

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Loctite SF7649 Activator 150ml (UK Delivery Only)
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Surface Preparation - activator, solvent-based. Low temperature curing, also known as LOCTITE 7649.
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Loctite SF770 Polyolefin Primer 10g
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Surface Preparation - polyolefin primer. Ideal for difficult-to-bond plastics, also known as LOCTITE 770.
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2 products found

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The Loctite portfolio of surface treatment products offers solutions for all types of surface treatments, preparations, primers and activators.

Why use a Loctite Surface Treatment Product?

The Loctite portfolio of surface treatment products offers solutions for all types of surface treatments and preparations:

Belt dressing
Prevent slippage and increase friction for all types of belts

Rust treatment and corrosion protection
Protect surfaces against corrosion by converting rust into a stable base - restoring the protective coating on galvanised parts - coating parts with a non drying, tack free product

Leak detection
Detect leaks in gas handling systems

Tamper proofing
Visually detect movements in adjusted parts

Repair tape
Repair, reinforce, fix, seal and protect with fabric reninforced tape

All products are easy to use. Some of them are recommended for emergency repairs where fast and efficient help is needed. Ideal also for maintenance and line production.

Why use a Loctite Activator or Primer?

Loctite Activators / Primers for Instant Bonding (Cyanoacrylate)
Loctite Primers are used for improving adhesion to substrates. They are applied before the adhesive. For low surface energy plastic substrates, e'g' polyolefin, PP, PE, best adhesion will be achieved with Loctite 770 / 7701.

Loctite Activators are used to increase cure speed. Like the primers, activators are mostly applied before the adhesive. Heptane based activators have well "on part life" and provide good aesthetic apperance of the bond line. They are also suitable for stress cracking sensitive plastics. Activators can also be post applied after the adhesive, e.g. for curing residual adhesive. They provide excellent cosmetic apperance by avoiding white staining of instant adhesives.

Loctite Activators for modified Acrylics
Loctite Activators for modified acrylics are needed to initiate the curing process. Usually, the activator is applied to one part and the modified acrylic to the other part. The curing process starts when the two parts are assembled. Fixture time is dependent on the adhesives, on the substrate and on the cleanliness of the surfaces.

Loctite Activators for Threadlocking, Pipe and Thread Sealing, Gasketing, Retaining and Anaerobic Acrylics
Loctite Activators for tgis group of adhesives are used to increase the cure speed of the products. They are recommended for applications on passive metals such as stainless steel, plated or passivated surfaces. Activators are available as solvent-based or solvent-free formulatons.  

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