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Poly V Belts

Poly V BeltsOne Belt That Can Do The Work Of Many

The Poly V belt is a single , endless belt with longitudinal V shaped ribs that mate perfectly with the V grooves in the sheaves. It combines the convenience of a thin, one-piece flat belt with the strong gripping traction of multiple V belts to make the Poly V belt far better than either for many applications. 

Continuous engagement with the sheave driving surface gives you greater power capacity per width. In addition, wasted space between separate V belts is eliminated and converted into narrower, shallower grooves. These provide substatially greater contact area for stromger and more uniform traction.

The Combination of high power capacity and low profile design means the Poly V drive can improve the drive design while lowering drive costs. Poly V belts allow narrower mounting clearances, need less center distance adjustment and require less take up for tensioning. Additionally, they allow the use of sheaves that are narrower in width and smaller in diameter without sacrificing power capacity. Smaller, narrower sheaves mean a reduction in weight so more of the drive gets to the load for increased effciency

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