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Bearing King Articles Loctite Threadlocker Product Selector Help

Loctite Threadlocker Product Selector Help

Gets some help from us at Bearing King on which Loctite threadlocker product is right for the job.

Threadlocking Adhesives 

Why usa a Loctite threadlocker?

Loctite threadlocking products prevent self-loosening and secure any threaded fastener against vibration and shock loads. They are easy-flowing liquids which completely fill the gaps between mating threads. When used to assemble threaded fasteners. Loctite threadlockers permanently secure threaded assemblies and eliminate fretting corrosion.

Loctite Threadlockers are superior to traditional mexhanical locking methods

Mechanical devices, e.g. split pins and tab washers; Only used to prevent the loss of nuts and bolts from loosening.
Friction devices: Add to absolute elasticity and/or increase friction; but will not ensure permanent threadlocking under dynamic loads.
Locking devices, like tooth flanged and ribbed flanged bolts, nuts and washers: prevent self-loosening, but are expensive and need larger flange-bearing syrfaces which may lead to surface damage.

Advantages of Loctite threadlockers as compared to traditional mechanical locking devices
Prevent unwanted movement, loosening, leaks and corrosion
Resist vibration
Single-component - clean and easy to apply
Can be used on all sizes of fasteners - reduceinventory costs
Seal threads - allow through-hole taping

Choose the right Loctite threadlocker for your application

Loctite threadlockers are available in varying viscosities and strengths and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Low Strength

Loctite Low Strength

Remove with standard hand tools, good for adjustment screws, calibration screws, meters and gauges, for thread size up to M80.

Medium Strength

Loctite Medium Strength

Removeable with hand tools, but more dificult to disassemble; good for machine tools and presses, pumps and compressors, mounting bolts, gear boxes, for thread size up to M80.

High Strength

Loctite High Strength

Very difficult to disassemble with standard hand tools; may require localised heat for removal. Good for permanent assemblies on heavy equipment, studs, motor and pump mounts, for thread size up to M80.

Loctite Wicking

Very difficult to disassemble with standard hand tools; may require localised heat for removal. For preassembled fasteners, instrumentation or carburettor screws.

Non-Liqids (Semi Solid)
Loctite Non Liquids

Medium and high strength semi-solid Threadlocker Sticks that can be used on thread size up to M50. Removable with standard hand tools.

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