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K-2030-20-B Kukko Set of Universal 2 and 3-Jaw Pullers

K-2030-20-B Kukko Set of Universal 2 and 3-Jaw Pullers
K-2030-20-B Kukko In Stock
£716.72£860.06 inc. VATGBP £ | EUR € | USD $

For hydraulic removal of large bearings, gears, discs, etc.

14 in 1" kit in the tried-and-tested KUKKO-L-Boxx system.
The set facilitates the assembly of 14 pulling device models through the combination of hydraulics, pulling jaws and extensions.
The rugged construction is particularly suitable for large and heavy applications in industrial and commercial vehicles.
Flexibility assured thanks to two-arm or three-arm design.
Standard pulling hook.
Jaw extensions.
Parallel pulling hooks in every position, even with full load.
Pulling hooks with infinitely variable adjustment on the cross-beam.
Long hydraulic spindle
Short and long mechanical pressure screws.
Milled thread treated with special coating.
Includes a pressure pad set for supporting the pressure spindle in a hollow shaft.
If there is adequate free space around the part to be removed, we recommend using a 3-jaw puller.
Instructions on the cover.
Secure storage in special foam.
Personal KUKKO-Chip-Code.

Practical package for universal use.
Variable reach thanks to optional jaw extensions.
Optional conversion to various jaw types for mechanical use.
Turning the pulling hooks enables them to be used both internally and externally.
Suitable for pulling asymmetric workpieces.
2-arm cross bar with hexagonal profile for good grip.
Spindle head band prevents the wrench from slipping off.
Almost all components available as replacement parts, time-saving order process thanks to numbering system.
Complete easy-to-manage package.
KUKKO-L-Boxx-System compatible with systems by all common manufacturers.

621220 Mechanical pressure spindle.
621355 Mechanical pressure spindle.
600-17 Pressure pad bricks
8-01 Long hydraulic spindle
2-150-S 3 pulling arms (set)
2-300-S 3 pulling arms (set)
2-V-150-S 3 jaw extensions (set)
30-20-T Puller product range - industrial - BASIC
2-150-E Jaw with extension (indiv.)
2-300-E Jaw with extension (indiv.)
20-20-T 2-jaw cross bar
30-20-T3 3-jaw cross bar

How it Works
The part due to be removed (e.g. a gear, pulley or ball bearing) is gripped from the outside. Tightening of the pressure screw and the resulting pressure removes the part from the shaft.
The puller must be positioned centrally for centre shafts. If the shaft is not sitting centrally, the parts can be removed asymmetrically with pullers with parallel pulling hooks.
Assembly instructions for the hydraulic spindle: 1. Loosen the side screw and unscrew the cap from the spindle body.
2. Screw the spindle body into the cross-beam from below until the spindle body sticks out of the cross-beam by approx. 60 mm.
3. Before use, check whether the pressure spindle is screwed far enough out of the cap so that the hydraulic piston is located in the initial position in the hydraulic cylinder.
4. Operating the upper spindle using the torque wrench will provide the force required for pulling.
5. After completing the removal process, the piston is reset to the initial position by turning the spindle in the opposite direction.

Safety Information
The pulling hooks' sliding parts must always sit stably and fully on the cross-beam.
If several parts have to be removed, always follow a step-by-step process. Do not remove several parts at the same time.
The pulling hooks' support surfaces must always be straight and sit fully beneath the part to be removed.
Do not use any electrical or pneumatic servo screwdrivers or hammer drills.
Protective blanket required.
Protective goggles required.

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